Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ways to Make Numbers

In our math investigations unit we are learning about combinations or different ways to make numbers. I love decorating my classroom with student work, but worksheets just aren't fun to display. As we learn about breaking a number apart and finding all the different ways to make a number we each choose one way and make a craft to display our learning. Here are a few of our combination creations:
A fun book to read with this one is "Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf." Students created combinations of 6 with red and yellow leaves. 3+3=6  5+1=6

I think this one is from What the Teacher Wants. You could read "Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar" as a read a loud to go with this activity. Students made combinations of 5 with cookies inside and outside of the jar.

Who doesn't love spiders in October? We made combinations of 8 using the spiders legs. The body is an 8 from our die cut machine.

We made combinations of 9 using peas and carrots on a plate. Our magic spoon could only scoop out 9 things. After this activity, I learned that peas can be square...ha ha! Integrate a health lesson with this about vegetables and allow students to sample peas and carrots.

This is a glimpse of how happy it makes my room. I have all of their combinations displayed all over and students refer to them as we continue our unit.