Monday, July 23, 2012

My First Blog Hop {such a newbie!}

This is my very first experience with a linky party. I've been wanting to do one ever since I started the blog but I just couldn't find the right one as my very first one. {just in case I messed up you know}. Then I ran across this one and its designed for newbies, like me. So if I somehow mess up we can all blame it on the fact that I am a bloggy baby! Janis over at Grade Three is the Place for Me had the idea. Yay! Here I go.

1.What state are you in?
I teach in the mountains of North Carolina in a town very close to Asheville. Have you heard of it?

2. Your current teaching position.
I teach first grade. Love. It.

3. Your teaching experience.
I have taught for 6 years. My first year was in 2nd, the next three years I taught 3rd {love third graders!}, and the past two years I have been in first.

4.When you started blogging.
I started this blog in June of this year {2012}. I bet you can tell because I only have a few posts. I'm trying hard to keep each post meaningful, useful, and creative!

5. Share a blogging tip.
Before I became a blogger and not just a blogging stalker I always looked at and bookmarked teaching blogs who gave out lots of freebies and saved the really good stuff {the stuff that took hours to think of , compile, and complete} for tpt. I respect the bloggers who are so willing to share as much as sell in their stores.

Here's a picture of me with my little handsome. He just turned 1 not long ago and he is the center of my universe!

I can't wait to meet all of you. Thanks to everyone for making me a better teacher!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Recycling Labels {Freebie}

Does your school recycle??? Ours does and I'm so thankful that we do. Of course teaching Earth Day and all about trees, animals, insects, etc gives me a major soft heart about the planet.

I have two bins in my classroom for recycling but I never had them labeled so we just guessed what each one was for after it was collected each week. The summer is a great time to complete all of those little things that you never have time for so I have labels for them. And I figured if I wanted labels for my bins, surely someone else would want them too!

I have several different ones that I made to fit your recycling needs. I am also putting them on my bins at home because I am the recycling queen at our house. It's nice because our county lets you mix plastic, glass, and aluminum all together and I guess they sort it out at the recycling center. This may be applicable to you to so I included everything. You can print in color or print on colored cardstock. Just make sure you laminate for durability!

Click on any of the pictures to download. Hope these can help ya!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Spelling City

I have been working on my Spelling City account and I have just completed typing in ALL 45 units of our Letterland spelling words. I plan to use it during Daily Five where it can be used as a word work activity but mainly it is a tool for students to use at home while practicing their weekly spelling words. There is a great feature on the website that will actually give the students a spelling test, where it calls the word out to them and they type in the answer. There are also lots of fun educational, spelling games for them to play that while having fun they are LEARNING! If you haven't checked out this FREE website you should definitely pay it a visit. And for those of you who DO use Letterland {which btw if you don't it is a program that you absolutely must look into for teaching phonics and spelling} then here is how you and your students can access the lists. I mean why should you type in all those words when I've already done it and am MORE than happy to share?

Let me know if you like the site or if you use it a different way in your classrooms.